World maps portfolio

Wooden world maps portfolio


The clients of MapaWall have a great sense of styling when it comes to interior design. And are more than happy to share there MapaWall with us and you. Here in our wooden world maps portfolio you will find  all products within a vast arrey of interieurs from customers all around the world. We constantly add new pictures to our web based portfolio, Facebook and InstagramThese pictures can give you a good idea on how the world maps of MapaWall look on various colored walls, in combination with various floor types and types of furniture. At the moment our maps are available in four different wood types and stainless steel. Please feel free to get inspired by browsing our portfolio of Oak wood, Palisander, Zebrano, American Walnut and Stainless Steel.

Oak portfolio

MapaWall wooden world map Oak with country borders

Zebrano portfolio

MapaWall wooden world map Zebrano with country borders

Walnut Portfolio

MapaWall wooden world map American walnut

Palisander portfolio

MapaWall Palisander wooden world map

Oak wood

The wood we use for our Oak is from the highest quality available on the market. Oak is a light coloured wood and also has light coloured wood lines. Oak is used in relatively many types of furniture. Click here to view our Oakwood portfolio.

Zebrano wood

Zebrano also known a zebrawood is characterized by its striped design that is reminiscent of a zebra. Zebrano wood is often used in modern interiors to highlight the striped design and Click here to view our Zebrano wood portfolio.

Walnut wood (American)

The Walnut wood we use is American Walnut. This wood type has a light grey glow and looks really good within any interieur and on almost any wall type and color. American Walnut is one of the darker woods we have available besides Palisander. Click here to view our portfolio of American Walnut wooden world maps.

Palisander (Rosewood)

Palisander is our most exclusive and expensive wood we have to offer. As with all our wood we have very high standards when it comes to selecting the wood for our MapaWall products. The wood has a rich darkbrown colour with dark almost black veins. Click here to view our Palisander portfolio.

Stainless steel portfolio

MapaWall Steel world map

Stainless steel

For our stainless steel maps, we use steel that has been cold rolled. To ensure the steel is strong enough and not too heavy we use a thickness of 2 millimeter. The laser engraved country borders get a chrome color instead of a black. This gives a really nice effect under certain light angles. Similar to our wooden world maps our steel maps are magnetic and are delivered with a set of magnetic pins. Click here to view our stainless steel portfolio.