Fabricating Acrylic/Steel world maps

Cutting steel and acrylic

To craft a MapaWall Acrylic/Steel world map, we follow a two-step process involving two base materials. Initially, we precision-cut the entire world map from a 0.08-inch (2mm) steel plate using our fiber laser. This initial cut serves as the foundational base for our world map.

Subsequently, we meticulously cut the contours of the world map from a 0.16-inch (4mm) acrylic layer using our CO2 laser. During this process, the laser not only shapes the map but also engraves the country borders. At this point, the country borders manifest as delicate grooves. We plan to enhance them with color later on. Before proceeding with the coloring, however, we must affix the acrylic continents and islands onto their corresponding counterparts on the steel base.

Affixing steel and acrylic

Upon completing the cutting of both sets of continents and islands, one from steel and the other from acrylic, the next step involves the bonding of these materials. Beforehand, the steel surface undergoes a thorough cleaning, sanding, and another cleaning session to optimize adhesive adherence. Once this preparation is complete, the protective foil on each individual acrylic continent and island is carefully peeled off. With these steps accomplished, the two components are poised for assembly.

The gluing process unfolds meticulously, one island or continent at a time, as each piece is affixed to its corresponding counterpart on both the steel and acrylic surfaces. Precision is paramount during this stage, as once the glue sets, there is a singular opportunity to unite these two parts seamlessly. Successfully joined, the pieces are pressed together for several hours to ensure a secure and durable bond.

Coloring the country borders

Reaching the final stage of the MapaWall Acrylic/Steel creation process, the country borders undergo the crucial step of acquiring their chosen hues. Tailored to the client's preferences for the world map and border colors, we meticulously hand-fill each border. With a precise injection of a special paint, we gradually bring forth the visibility of individual country borders. Following this delicate process, any excess paint residue is firmly removed, leaving only sharp country borders elegantly displayed on the map's surface.

Following a thorough quality inspection, the MapaWall world map is almost ready for packaging.

Quality inspection

Crafting an acrylic map is akin to creating a genuine work of art. However, due to the delicate nature of the recycled and UV-protective acrylic surface, scrutiny for scratches is necessary. Even as the risk of scratches diminishes once the map is installed on the wall, we maintain a vigilant inspection during the fabrication process to ensure a flawless result. Should any scratches be detected, we promptly replace the affected piece with a pristine one.

Following the meticulous quality checks, both continents and islands are prepared for the next stage—they are carefully enveloped in protective foil. This ensures that, along with the installation materials, everything is safeguarded within our specially designed MapaWall carton casing. This strong packaging guarantees the secure and safe transit of the world map to destinations across the globe.

Adding magnets to the whole

Whether you desire your company logo on a pin-magnet or opt for the striking pre-fabricated plastic colored pins, our customizable world maps at MapaWall cater to a myriad of preferences.
Moreover, we offer a diverse selection of nickel-plated magnets, available in disc and cylindrical shapes and spanning six different sizes, perfectly tailored for use with our magnetic world maps.

For those seeking a touch of personalization, we also provide the option to incorporate neodymium magnets in any preferred color, similar to the ones showcased in the accompanying image. Should you have specific preferences or combinations in mind, feel free to reach out to us – we're here to bring your unique vision to life.

Packing and securing

Once the entire ensemble, including the comprehensive map, accompanying magnets, and installation materials, is securely placed within the carton casing, a layer of protective material is carefully inserted before sealing the package.

Considering the global journey our maps undertake, we prioritize the durability of the casing to safeguard the acrylic layer during any potential turbulence in transit, be it in an aircraft or a UPS vehicle. In addition to the robust steel backing, specialized protective carton elements are added and affixed to the casing, fortifying it against impacts and ensuring the contents remain intact.

Within a matter of days, UPS Capital, the insured branch, will facilitate the delivery of your package right to your doorstep, guaranteeing a safe and sound arrival.
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