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A world of quality

MapaWall world maps are exquisite wall decorations crafted with the utmost precision and captivating design. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, including CO2-laser, fiber-laser, and waterjet technologies, MapaWall maps boast exceptionally detailed contours and country borders. With the innovative invisible magnetic surface we've developed, most MapaWalls enable you to pinpoint specific areas on the map with our special pin-magnets.

Since 2015, we have been dedicated to the development and production of world maps, using a diverse selection of high-quality materials such as wood, stone, and steel, all showcased on our website.

Let's install together

You might assume that installing a MapaWall world map is a challenging endeavor. On the contrary, it's quite simple, thanks to our magnetic installation kit. Take a look at our clients' time-lapse videos showcasing the installation process for each MapaWall series, and you'll see just how effortlessly you can have one installed.

In addition to our standard world map models crafted from various materials, we also design templates for our custom maps. Each custom world map comes with specific requirements, including size and weight. Consequently, we begin by refining and testing the installation kit. Only then we proceed to design the customized template, ensuring an easy and straight forward installation for every project.

Lets give back to nature

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MapaWalls installed

Underneath you'll find an exmaple of several different kind of MapaWall world maps, installed by clients across the globe.
LED Illuminated stainless steel world map installed in home officeMapaWall world map Oak customized with rusty colors installed on a brown wallMapaWall Stainless Steel world map installed on a customized blue/brown panel, installed in a hotel lobbyA MapaWall world map Rusty Lady from the StoneCut series installed on a concrete wall in a modern chic interior.
A magnetic MapaWall European Oak world map untreated with country borders, installed in a modern Scandinavian interiorMagnetic MapaWall Stainless Steel world map with country borders installed on a blue panel above an office receptionOur magnetic MapaWall Rosewood Santos world map with nickel plated pin-magnets installed in a modern and light kitchen
Magnetic MapaWall Rosewood Santos world map with cylindrical pin-magnets installed on a black wallThe MapaWall Stone world map made from real Grigio Orobico marble and is cut by water-jet in ItalyMagnetic MapaWall American Walnut world map with country border, untreated and installed in a modern Scandinavian interior in Norway.
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All MapaWalls are shipped insured around the world with UPS Capital 
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