86 inch 3D magnetic wooden world map for pinpointing

Easy installation with our special magnetic installation system

Choose from 4 different quality woodtypes
MapaWall Stone Close up
MapaWall wooden world map oil treatment on Walnut
MapaWall logo in tree trunk

The MapaWall wooden world map is a stunning wall deco made with the highest level of wood craftsmanship and beautiful design. Featuring the most advanced laser technology in the world, MapaWall maps have extremely detailed contours and can be customized with country borders. We’ve also added a hidden metal layer to our MapaWall maps which allows you to pinpoint specific areas on the map with our nickel-plated magnets. Our maps are also available without our unique magnetic surface.

The MapaWall is attached to your wall using our unique magnetic mounting system and lays 0.4 inches from the wall for an impressive three-dimensional effect.


Our team is committed to producing the best products we can. Materials for our maps are sourced specifically for our company from around the world, and we actively create a sustainable business model for our company. With the combination of fine art and solid wood craftsmanship, a MapaWall map is a stunning addition to any interior.

  • Cut with laser technology
  • Available with or without country borders
  • Invisible metal layer for magnetic pinpoints
  • Available in Oak, Walnut, Zebrano, Palisander
  • Available in stainless Steel
  • Special magnetic installation kit
  • equipped with transparent spacers
  • 84 inch wide x 46 inch high
  • 0.4 inch thick & 0.4 inch from the wall
  • Easy installation 

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