Installing a MapaWall

You probably think that the placement of MapaWall is a daunting task. In the contrary; placement of a MapaWall is child’s play.


The MapaWall case


mapawall-wooden-world-map-casingAll Maps of MapaWall are packed in a quality cardboard case. The outside of the case contains a warning document containing useful information about the powerful magnets within the case. The outside case also shows how to safely open it. When opening the case, you will find the MapaWall Certificate, a real size template and a handy Tips & Tricks sheet.

 The MapaWall template


To place your MapaWall on your wall of choice use the template showing the map in its real size. The template also describes in seven easy steps the complete process of the placement of the map.


  1. place the template on the wall of your choice
  2. drill the 7 holes as is shown on the template
  3. mark the pre-punched holes with a marker as is shown on the template
  4. screw the magnets on the wall
  5. click the six continents onto the magnets
  6. fine-tune the position of the continents
  7. stick on the Islands using the gel


The Tips & Tricks sheet contains all additional information concerning your MapaWall. Many of these helpful tips you can be found on our FAQ page.

Included template

Template installation MapaWall wooden world map