Installing a MapaWall is childsplay. On this page you can see how our clients have installed different types of MapaWall world maps.

Installing Wooden MapaWalls

You might assume that installing a wooden MapaWall is a challenging task. Quite the opposite; our comprehensive magnetic installation kit makes the entire process a breeze. Setting up a MapaWall is as simple as child's play, and even after installation, you can effortlessly remove and reposition the entire MapaWall. This flexibility proves especially useful if you decide to refresh your wall with a new coat of paint.
As the map can be easily removed and repositioned on the wall, it is recommended to retain the carton casing in which the map is shipped. This ensures the comprehensive protection of your entire world map during a move or when you decide to repaint the wall.
Explore our client's installation timelapse on this page to witness firsthand just how straightforward and hassle-free the installation truly is.

Installing Stainless Steel MapaWalls

Much like our wooden MapaWall, the premium Stainless Steel version of our world map is incredibly easy to install. Due to the map's weight, the installation kit includes a few additional magnets to ensure secure placement.
Similar to all other world maps in our portfolio, the MapaWall Stainless Steel comes with a on-scale installation template and step-by-step instructions in both Dutch and English.
The Stainless Steel material itself is inherently magnetic, eliminating the need for an additional installation kit on the backside to keep it securely affixed to the wall. Like all our world maps, the MapaWall Stainless Steel is positioned 0.39 inch (10 mm) from the wall, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect, especially when illuminated by entering light that casts a subtle drop-shadow on the wall.
For a captivating touch, consider directing a spotlight onto the map from the ceiling. This enhances the beauty of the subtly engraved country borders, creating an illuminating effect when viewed from different angles.

Installing StoneCut MapaWalls

The MapaWall StoneCut stands out as one of our latest additions to the MapaWall world maps lineup. Leveraging nearly a decade of expertise and continuous product refinement, we have achieved the remarkable feat of cutting and engraving real stone to craft intricate world maps.
Similar to our wooden MapaWalls, the StoneCut utilizes a specialized magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands. The continents are securely held in place by seven potent magnets that require drilling into the wall, while the islands are affixed using magnetic-glass spacers.
These features enable a seamless and efficient installation process, allowing you to effortlessly click the continents and islands onto the wall within minutes. Equally significant, you can quickly remove the map in seconds, offering flexibility if you wish to repaint your wall, for example.

Installing Black Industrial Steel MapaWalls

Introducing another member of the metal family, the distinctive MapaWall Black Industrial Steel. Crafted from magnetic industrial steel with a substantial thickness of 0.08 inches (2 mm), this world map is truly exceptional.
Similar to the MapaWall Stainless Steel, the magnetic feature isn't confined to the pin-magnets on the front. The material itself enables secure attachment to the wall using the provided pot-magnets.
True to the MapaWall standard, the package includes all materials necessary for a plug-and-play installation. Witness the simplicity of the installation process by checking out one of our client's installation timelapse videos, and you'll see just how effortlessly this beauty can enhance your wall.
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