Our worlds maps are produced with the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Not only is MapaWall a Dutch design. All MapaWall maps are produced and assembled in the Netherlands as well. We serve you the highest quality wooden, steel and stone world maps.
It’s all about attention to the finest detail.

The best wood that can be found

Our wooden maps epitomize superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, MapaWall world maps reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering only the finest products. We use PEFC certified wood for the foundation of our maps, showcasing our dedication to sustainability.

Sourced from the renowned wood supplier in the Netherlands, recognized as one of Europe's premier providers of high-quality wood, our maps primarily feature wood from the southern regions of Europe. Additionally, our supplier imports premium toppings for our MapaWalls, classified as A-class and sourced from various corners of the globe. This meticulous sourcing ensures that you receive only the highest quality products.

Cutting like no other

Following the meticulous selection of toppings and base materials by our supplier, we commence the process of pressing these exquisite sheets onto both sides of the base material. In the case of our magnetic models, a specialized magnetic layer is applied beneath the wooden surface. This unique layer is designed to attract our MapaWall pin-magnets, offering versatile usage across the entire map surface. Subsequently, each wooden plate undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure excellence.

Upon successful completion of the quality check, we infuse an additional layer of craftsmanship into our product. At this stage, the wood undergoes precision treatment on an expansive laser platform. This high-precision laser boasts an accuracy of 0.003 inches (0.1 mm) and possesses the capability to cut through both wood and metal simultaneously without compromising accuracy.

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All MapaWalls are shipped insured around the world with UPS Capital 
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