Our worlds maps are produced with the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Not only is MapaWall a Dutch design. All MapaWall maps are produced and assembled in the Netherlands as well. We serve you the highest quality wooden, steel and stone world maps.
It’s all about attention to the finest detail.

The best wood that can be found

Our wooden maps are produced with the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail. MapaWall world wall maps are are designed and produced in the Netherlands. As a sign of our commitment to only the best products, we use PEFC certified wood as the base of our maps. Our Dutch supplier is known as one of the best suppliers of high quality wood in Europe. The wood, which we use for the base of our MapaWall maps, originates mainly from the south of Europe. Our supplier also imports the toppings for our MapaWalls. These A-class toppings are imported from all parts of the world. Making sure you only get the best.

Cutting like no other

Once our supplier has selected the toppings and base materials, we can start pressing these fine sheets on both sides of the base material. For the magnetic models we first add a magnetic layer underneath the wooden surface. This specially designed layer attracts our MapaWall pin-magnets, that can be used on the entire surface of the map. After this process, we carefully check each wooden plate on quality.

After a wooden plate has passed the quality check, we add some more magic to our product. In this stage the wood is set on a giant laser. One that has an accuracy of 0.003 inches (0,1 mm), and can cut through wood and metal at the same time, without loosing accuracy. For those who chose to include the country borders, the laser first gently engraves lines across the surface of the map.