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World Map Stainless Steel

The icon representing the magnetic surface of the magnetic world map
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Our MapaWall Steel is one of our more contemporary maps with an incredibly chic look and feel. We use high quality stainless steel to create this luxurious, high-end design. Our MapaWall Steel has been ceramic blasted to produce an elegantly smooth finish. Specialist fiber lasers ensure that this piece is cut to perfection and each border is laser-engraved on with the utmost precision.

The steel surface ensures that this MapaWall also has magnetic properties. This is ideal for highlighting countries or areas that you have visited or would like to visit. Our MapaWall Steel is often paired with one of our coloured magnetic pins to pinpoint areas of interest as well as coordinate well with your surrounding decor.

Our MapaWall Steel has a strong, modern look and feel which would look great on block colours or simpler textures as well as accompanied with other contemporary ornamentation. It is an incredibly versatile map which gives it the ability to suit most design interiors. This piece is 0,08 inch (2 mm) thick and weighs approximately 48,5 (22kg) pounds making it thin but extremely sturdy. It is also available in a thicker size of 0,2 inch (5 mm), prices for this are available on request.

Kindly note: All images showcased on this website and our socials illustrate previously installed world maps contributed by our valued clients. We pride ourselves on never using stock images for our world maps.


  • 7' x 3'10'' x 0,08''
  • 214 cm x 117 cm x 2 mm
  • Weights approx. 48,5 pounds (22 kg)
Materials & Characteristics
  • Stainless steel
  • Magnetic surface for pinpoints
  • Equipped with transparent glass magnetic spacers
  • Cut with fiber laser
  • Country borders engraved with fiber laser
  • Ceramic blasted for a smooth finish
  • Back of the map is also blasted to prevent bending
  • Fitted with a magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands
  • Sold with a set of 30 nickel plated pin-magnets (top in preferable colour, if needed)
  • All materials for an easy installation
Lead time
  • 2 working days
  • Shipped with UPS Capital (insured shipping)


We use cutting-edge fiber laser technology for precision cutting and engraving of this piece. Crafted from top-grade stainless steel, it undergoes a meticulous ceramical sandblasting process to eliminate any sharp edges, resulting in a polished, high-quality finish. Magnetic glass spacers are thoughtfully utilized for the islands, while strong neodymium magnets supports the map itself.


We provide expedited, insured worldwide shipping for all our valued clients. By partnering with the renowned courier service, UPS Capital, we ensure swift and secure delivery of your MapaWall, with an option for delivery within just two working days. Each product is safeguarded within a secure MapaWall case to guarantee its safe arrival in your hands.


We provide you with a user-friendly magnetic installation kit that includes clear, step-by-step instructions for effortless setup. This also means that, when needed, you can easily disassemble your MapaWall. Notably, our MapaWalls are positioned 0.39 inches (10 mm) from the wall, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect.

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