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Exclusive wood

Wood sourcing

In the crafting of our wooden MapaWall world maps, we prioritize sourcing the finest and most sustainable wood available. To achieve this, we have partnered with a dedicated wood supplier based in The Netherlands. They only select premium wood varieties from around the globe, including sought-after types like Rosewood, which we use for our beautiful MapaWall Rosewood world map.

Due to export restrictions, Rosewood is a rare find, making it one of our most prized materials. Its scarcity, coupled with the limited veneer yield from each log due to the small size of the trees, contributes to its exclusivity and higher cost. However, investing in one of these Rosewood maps not only grants you a unique piece but also showcases its beautiful grain, featuring striking black to purple flames in the pattern.

Selecting the veneer

After our wood supplier imports the veneer, we select the pieces for our world maps. For all our wooden maps, we primarily use crown-cut veneer strips. In the accompanying image, you'll find a glimpse of these strips, which form the basis of our selection process.

Once we've chosen specific veneer strips, our supplier matches them with strips from other sections, known as 'books,' of veneer. These selected books have similar grains and colors, ensuring the consistency and uniqueness of our maps' aesthetics.

After selecting all the veneer strips, they are mixmatched and joined together, forming large sheets that serve as the topping for our maps. When using a mixmatched jointing technique, the whole gets the same aesthetics as solid wood.

Pressing the wood

When the sheets of mixmatched veneer arrive from our wood supplier, our task is to carefully glue and warm them onto wooden plates using a warm press. This process typically takes one to two days to ensure the two layers are attached to eachother. As the pressure from the machine is applied, the veneer and base layer transforms into a smooth plate of Rosewood.

To maintain efficiency, we keep a stock of several plates ready for cutting and engraving once orders are received. Following cutting and engraving, each of the six continents is sprayed with a matte varnish. If requested, we can enhance the maps with an additional gloss or high-gloss varnish for an extra shine.

Ready to be cut

After the wood has fully set, we proceed to cut and engrave our world maps using the latest CO2 laser technology. The inclusion of a special iron-based layer beneath the veneer ensures compatibility with our nickel plated pin-points, but also requirs the laser to operate for an extended duration during cutting.

Once the laser completes its task, each part is carefully removed from the plate and placed on sheets of cardboard within the spray booth. The Rosewood surface closely resembles the one shown in the photo (matte & gloss)

Curious to examine the craftsmanship up close? Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom or request a free sample through our contact form.

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