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We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about our MapaWall world maps. If you have a questions that you can't find the answer too, please use the contact page.
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MapaWall Spotlight

Yes, this is possible. However, best way to do so, is by soldering.

Yes, the LEDs are dimmable. A dimmer is connected to the adapter.

We use really thin isolated copper wiring. These wires are hardly visible.

-The Portrait photos are 0.79'' (2 cm) wide and 1.18'' (3 cm) long

-The Landscape photos are 1.18'' (3 cm) wide and 0.79'' (2 cm) long

No, we have installed all LEDs for you, together with the wiring. You just need to connect small connectors once the continents and islands are in place.

No. Once we have received your approval for the installation of the LEDs it is not possible to exchange the map.

World Maps related

At the moment we have three sizes of wooden world maps; the MapaWall Mini, the MapaWall Regular and the MapaWall XL

-The MapaWall Mini's have a width of 4'11'' (150 cm) a height of 2'8'' (82 cm) and a thickness of 0,39'' (10 mm).

-The MapaWall Regulars have a width of 7'0.25'' (214 cm) a height of 3'10'' (117 cm) and a thickness of 0,39'' (10 mm)

-The MapaWall XL's have a width of 9'4'' (285 cm) a height of 5'1'' (116 cm) and a thickness of 0.39'' (10 mm)

-All MapaWall StoneCut maps come in the regular dimension; 7'0.25'' (214 cm) a height of 3'10'' (117 cm) and a thickness of 0,39'' (10 mm)

-All Acrylic maps come in the regular dimension; 7'0.25'' (214 cm) a height of 3'10'' (117 cm) and a thickness of 0,39'' (10 mm)

-All MapaWall metal maps come in the regular dimension; 7'0.25'' (214 cm) a height of 3'10'' (117 cm) and a thickness of 0,39'' (10 mm)

-The MapaWall Stone & the Illuminated MapaWall also come in the regular dimension; 7'0.25'' (214 cm) a height of 3'10'' (117 cm) and a thickness of 0,39'' (10 mm)

The Metal and StoneCut MapaWalls are available for customization to larger dimensions. Please feel free to contact us to explore the various possibilities.

Setting up a MapaWall world map is a straightforward process. Each MapaWall includes a template depicting the map in actual size, making it effortless to choose the perfect location. Simply secure the template with a few pieces of tape.

For affixing the continents, drill seven holes (or 15 for the metal MapaWalls) directly through the template—eliminating the need for preliminary marking. The islands are attached using a special gel. The template includes both English and Dutch manuals, along with a packing list. Additionally, a Tips & Tricks sheet in the package provides valuable insights about the map.

Visit our installation page for timelapse videos created by our clients, offering a visual guide to the straightforward installation process. More timelapse videos can be found on our Instagram page, providing additional demonstrations of the ease of installation.

Explore a diverse collection of MapaWall world maps at our showroom in Haarlem, The Netherlands. If you're planning a visit, kindly schedule an appointment in advance. Find our contact details on the contact page of our website.

Absolutely, we've undertaken a variety of custom projects in recent years. From illuminated maps to diverse projection world maps and expansive islands, we've successfully executed projects for both small businesses and corporations. Several highlights from these endeavors are showcased on our Instagram page. Stay tuned, as we are in the process of creating a dedicated page on our website to feature these unique and noteworthy projects.

Most of our MapaWall world maps are compatible with small neodymium pin-magnets:

  1. Wooden MapaWall World Maps: The wooden MapaWall world maps can securely hold nickel-plated magnets, thanks to a specially designed layer just beneath the wooden surface. While this layer is thin, it may not support larger magnets and may occasionally struggle with colored pin-magnets. Therefore, we recommend opting for nickel or gold-plated magnets for optimal performance when pinpointing locations on your map.
  2. Metal MapaWall World Maps: The metal MapaWall world maps exhibit a stronger magnetic attraction due to the inherent properties of the material. Both the MapaWall Black Industrial Steel and the MapaWall Stainless Steel are also suitable for ferrite magnets, commonly known as fridge magnets.
  3. Acrylic MapaWall World Maps: The acrylic MapaWall world maps feature a robust 0.08'' (2 mm) thick steel layer at the back, strategically incorporated to attract all neodymium magnets, including colored ones. The magnetic force exerted by this steel layer ensures a secure grip on the surface, keeping the magnets firmly in place.
  4. StoneCut MapaWall World Maps: The StoneCut MapaWall world maps are non-magnetic at the front and are not suitable for pin-magnets. This is because the top layer is crafted from stone and may vary in height. Consequently, there could be uneven spacing between the base material and the magnet placement surface, leading to potential sliding issues.
  5. Stone MapaWall World Maps: The MapaWall Stone world maps are also non-magnetic at the front and therefore not suitable for pin-magnets due to the technical challenges associated with adhering tempered glass onto the marble slab during the manufacturing process.


The majority of our MapaWall world wall maps are crafted from a variety of wood and wood products, which include high-quality veneers sourced from PEFC and FSC certified wood. As we amalgamate different wood types in our production process, we refrain from attributing a specific claim to any single variety. Nonetheless, we express our gratitude to Mother Nature for providing the resources that contribute to the creation of these exquisite world maps.

At MapaWall, we are committed to conducting our business sustainably. In alignment with this ethos, we proudly contribute $10 to The Nature Conservancy's "Plant a Billion Trees" project for every map sold. This initiative translates each dollar into the planting of one tree, and through collaboration with our business sponsors, we aim to support TNC in their mission to conserve our planet. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the environment.


All our world maps are shipped with the assurance of UPS Capital's insured premium shipping policy. Orders placed before 5 pm CET (when in stock) are promptly picked up by UPS the following working day. Shipments within the Netherlands typically reach their destination on the next working day. For orders from other European countries, delivery usually takes 2 working days, while orders destined for the United States are typically delivered within 3 working days.

Before the end of the day when UPS collects the orders, you will receive a track-and-trace code. This code enables you to monitor your shipment and stay informed about its progress.

We proudly offer worldwide shipping for our products. Your map is securely delivered and insured by UPS Capital, reaching over 220 countries. Upon adding a product to your shopping cart and providing your address details, our system seamlessly computes the current shipping fee. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose the UPS service that best suits your preferences.


Certainly, that's absolutely possible. When placing your order, kindly choose the 'Office Pick-up' option. On the next business day, we will reach out to you via email or phone to coordinate a suitable time and date for the pick-up. You can find the address on our contact page.


We offer a variety of payment methods to cater to your preferences. Our accepted payment options include PayPal, iDeal, VISA, Mastercard, Mister Cash, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, Sofort, Belfius Direct Net, KBC/CBC, EPS, and BanContact. Please note that for some of these options, an additional payment fee may apply. The specific fees associated with each payment method will be displayed when you make your selection.


Return Policy

If you wish to cancel or return your order, you may do so within 14 days without providing a reason, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions. Please note that the costs associated with returning the product will be your responsibility.

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