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World map made of gold

World Map Gold

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After a few requests, we have proudly taken a step forward to create something truly exceptional: the world's first stylish golden world map. Is it too extravagant? Not at all! This masterpiece of wall décor is crafted from multiple layers, giving the impression of authentic gold. Even up close, one might mistake it for genuine gold.

You might assume that such a map would be quite heavy, and you'd be correct. This is largely due to the top layer crafted from real stone, bonded and pressed onto a sturdy wooden base. Following the cutting of the world map, each piece undergoes multiple applications of a golden finish via airbrushing. To add an extra touch, we use our CO2 laser to engrave the country borders on the golden map. In this short film, you can witness the mesmerising process of the laser outlining these borders (please note: the film was captured behind safety/filtered glass, hence the slight paleness of the gold).

The result is nothing short of breathtaking! Once we receive examples from our first clients, we will proudly display them on our website.




  • 7' x 3'10'' x 0.39''-0.59'' (the thickness of the stone layer can vary, because real slate stone is used)
  • 214 cm x 117 cm x 10 mm - 15 mm
  • Packages weight approx. 31 pounds (14 kg)
Materials & Characteristics
  • Topped with a layer of real slate stone
  • Different thicknesses across the surface
  • Base material (MDF) is FSC certified
  • Back of the map is covered with black veneer to prevent bending
  • Equipped with transparent glass magnetic spacers
  • The stone veneer is cut with CO2 laser
  • Layers of wood and stone are pressed in workshop
  • Country borders are engraved with CO2 laser
  • Golden layers are airbrushed on slate stone
  • Stands 0.4'' (10 mm) from the wall to create a 3D effect
  • Fitted with a magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands
  • All materials for an easy installation
Lead time
  • 1-2 weeks


In making this MapaWall golden world map, we've perfected a highly efficient laser cutting method using state-of-the-art CO2 laser technology. This approach preserves the integrity of the stone while etching intricate, precise outlines. The slate stone has natural variations in height. It is this layered stone that gives the map that massive look. And because the surface features varying elevations, the golden finish sparkles from all angles when light is shines on the surface.


We offer expedited, insured worldwide shipping for all our valued clients. Through our partnership with UPS Capital courier service, we ensure swift and secure delivery of your MapaWall Gold. As one of our exclusive maps, the MapaWall golden world map is packaged within two secure casings, ensuring its safe arrival in your hands.


For the MapaWall Gold, we also provide a user-friendly magnetic installation kit that includes clear, step-by-step instructions for effortless installation. The complete map can be easily clicked onto the wall. This feature also allows for easy disassembly when needed. Notably, all our MapaWalls are positioned 0.39 inches (10 mm) from the wall, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect, even when the light is off.

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