World map crafters since 2015, designed and produced in The Netherlands

About us 

We travel from San Francisco to New York from Sydney to Jakarta and from Bangkok to Beijing. We snorkel along the coast of tropical islands, walk through beautiful jungle, eat local street food and camp under the stars. We see world wonders and world cities in different continents. We love it. Our globe.

Our Philosophy

Our dream is not only to see the world, but also to remind and immortalize it in a stylish way: quality world maps that visualize previous destinations and new dream trips. 

MapaWall is born out of love for the Earth. Out of love for her artistic contours that elevate her to art and love for its beautiful hidden places everyone dreams about. Moreover, we give back to Mother Nature what she gives us by compensating for the main raw materials that are used in our MapaWalls.

Our small but dedicated team places a strong emphasis on quality throughout the entire process of crafting beautiful world maps. Prioritizing meticulous attention to detail, we firmly believe in placing quality above all else. This commitment stems from our belief that superior quality is the key to stay the best map makers world wide.

Our Company

What began as a personal interior project conceived by its founder has evolved into the world's leading map-making company over the years.

The inspiration behind MapaWall's inception stemmed from the founder's profound encounter with the beauty of Mother Nature during an extensive journey through South East Asia and Oceania. Upon returning home, fueled by a passion for both the world and interior design, the founder merged these affections to create the iconic wooden MapaWall. Soon after, the innovative concept expanded with the development of the first magnetic wooden MapaWalls designed for pinpointing locations.

Today, nearly a decade later, the company has established its own workshop in Haarlem, The Netherlands. From this base, they meticulously craft and ship high-quality world maps made from various precious materials to enthusiasts around the globe
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