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Cylindrical pin-magnets CMD4H7

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These are our pin magnets in a metallic cylinder shape. These pin magnets are made from a strong neodymium magnet and are available in packs of 30. Neodymium can have a firm grip onto any magnetic surface for a secure hold. This durable pin magnet works perfectly on our MapaWall Steel, as well as our wooden MapaWalls.

These cylindrical pin magnets are nickel plated giving them a silver/neutral colour. They can therefore coordinate well with any of our MapaWall products. This neutral colour makes it perfect for most interior designs and spaces. Our cylinder pin magnets have a raised, three-dimensional shape that can work well with our lighter wooden maps such as the MapaWall Oak or MapaWall Zebrano for a subtle effect. Alternatively, these can have a contrasting but similar three-dimensional effect on our darker, maps, such as our MapaWall Walnut or MapaWall Rosewood.

Use these small cylindrical pin magnets to highlight all of the places you have been or have always wanted to visit. These magnets can also seamlessly coordinate both your interior design and MapaWall products together and you can even order more than one size for variation.


  • 0,16'' x 0,28''
  • 4 mm x 7 mm
  • Weights approx. ? gram
Materials & Characteristics
  • Cylindrical
  • Neodymium
  • Grade: N45
  • Nickel Plated
  • Sold in sets of 30
Lead time
  • 2 working days


Pinpoint specific countries you would like to visit, or places you have been. Use can even use decorative string to map your travels. You can even use these pins to affix pictures to its surface when used in conjunction with our MapaWall Steel.


We use UPS Capital to make sure that your magnetic pins get to you quickly. We ship worldwide with the option to insure your package. Please note that the shipping fee for the magnets within the EU is complementary if you have already purchased one of our MapaWall maps.

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