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Rosewood Santos

Exotic look and feel

Santos Rosewood, also known as Pau Ferro or Bolivian Rosewood, is a type of hardwood derived from the Machaerium spp. tree native to South America, particularly in Bolivia and Brazil. Santos Rosewood is known for its rich, reddish-brown to violet-brown colour with darker streaks. The wood often exhibits a striking figure with a fine, uniform texture.
It is a dense and hard wood, making it suitable for various applications. The density contributes to its durability and resistance to wear.
Santos Rosewood is generally considered to be moderately difficult to work with due to its density. Despite this, it finishes well and can take on a smooth surface.
The wood is commonly used in the production of fine furniture, musical instruments (such as guitar fretboards), and other high-end woodworking projects. Its attractive appearance and durability make it a popular choice for decorative and functional items.
Due to concerns about the overharvesting of some rosewood species and international regulations aimed at protecting endangered species, it's essential to ensure that Santos Rosewood is sourced from sustainable and legal forestry practices.
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