Fabricating Marble world maps

Selecting the marble

Due to the exclusivity of the base material, namely the Griogio Orobico marble used for these world maps, the process of selecting the stone requires quite some time and planning. Our supplier in The Netherlands maintains a strong relationship with the Italian company responsible for extracting the marble from the quarry in Italy.

When our MapaWall Stone is not in stock, we await potential clients. In most instances, we are engaged by these potential clients or designers who task us with finding a suitable stone type. Taking various preferences into consideration, our supplier embarks on a search, presenting us with several options after some time. We then collaborate with our clients, showcasing the best option. If necessary, we communicate with our supplier to further refine the search based on specific requirements.

Cutting the marble

Once the selection is finalized and the specific slab receives approval, it is carefully lifted onto the machine bed. Upon placement, an examination ensures that the weight distribution across the slab is uniform throughout the raster. Uneven weight distribution poses a risk of breakage. Once all checks are completed satisfactorily, the waterjet initiates the cutting process through the marble.

Similar to the precision required in cutting StoneCut world maps with our CO2 laser, this waterjet technique is even more time-consuming, especially when dealing with thick slabs like the one depicted in the image. After all sections are precisely cut, each piece is carefully arranged and secured within wooden boxes. Weighing over 100 kg, these boxes are then transported from Italy to our workshop in The Netherlands.

Transporting from Italy

Before being transported to our workshop in Haarlem, careful packing ensures the utmost security, eliminating any risk of breakage. The continents find their place on a specially designed wooden shield, evenly distributing the weight across the surface of this plate. To prevent any potential sliding, a specialized foam is sprayed around the contours. Additional strapping secures the layers onto the shield before being carefully arranged within a sturdy wooden chest.

The insured load embarks on its journey from Italy via truck, reaching its destination in one or two days. Upon arrival in The Netherlands, a truck's hydraulic arm delicately retrieves the chest containing the precious MapaWall. It becomes our responsibility to not only inspect but also marvel at the exquisite Grigio Orobico marble and appreciate how it has been transformed into a stunning piece of art.

Cleaning & Polishing

Due to the residual remnants left by the initially applied foam, a thorough inspection and cleaning of all map components are essential to ensure no traces of foam linger on the sides or contours.

Once every part of the marble map undergoes inspection and cleaning, it's time for the MapaWall's final touch – a polished finish. Using a specialized polishing compound, the surface is delicately polished to achieve a smooth, high-gloss appearance. When all parts gleam like diamonds, it's time for the MapaWall to enter its final phase.

Fixing the install-kit

Tailoring the installation to the client's preferences, an installation kit is securely glued to the back of the marble world map. Magnetic installation kits, specifically designed for this unique piece, are commonly chosen.

However, for custom world maps, particularly grand installations on substantial panels, some enthusiasts opt for a heightened experience. Imagine the MapaWall Stone illuminated with LED-backlights, elevating this already spectacular world map to another dimension.

If you're captivated by the exclusivity of a piece like the MapaWall Stone, feel free to reach out and inquire about the possibilities.

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