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World Map Black Industrial Steel

The icon representing the magnetic surface of the magnetic world map
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Our MapaWall Black Industrial Steel is the perfect combination of a rustic and high-end look. This stunning map has a raw, industrial feel that can add modern charm to your space. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a statement piece for your home or office.

This MapaWall can be combined with softer colors, textures and vibrant plants to provide a stunning contrast to your interior. In order to produce this MapaWall, the industrial steel has been warm-rolled. This produces a rustic look with an inconsistent finish. This steel itself can also produce tinges of blue and black in different lights. This incredible vintage roughness can bring life to any area that it is placed.

Our MapaWall would really stand out on a plain, light surface so each detail of this exquisite map can be appreciated. It has been finished with an oil coating to a slight shine to further enhance the colors in this piece. This MapaWall is steel and therefore magnetic. It is compatible with our MapaWall pin magnets making it easy to pinpoint where you have been.

Kindly note: All images showcased on this website illustrate previously installed world maps contributed by our valued clients. We pride ourselves on never using stock images for our world maps.


  • 7' x 3'10'' x 0,08''
  • 214 cm x 117 cm x 2 mm
  • Weights approx. 48,5 pounds (22 kg)
Materials & Characteristics
  • Black Industrial Steel
  • Magnetic surface for pinpoints
  • Equipped with transparent glass magnetic spacers
  • Cut with fiber laser
  • Country borders engraved with fiber laser
  • Oiled finish
  • Fitted with a magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands
  • Sold with a set of 30 nickel plated pin-magnets (top in preferable colour, if needed)
  • All materials for an easy installation
Lead time
  • 2 working days
  • Shipped with UPS Capital (insured shipping)


In creating this steel MapaWall world map, we've perfected a warm-rolled technique that imparts a charmingly rustic appearance, graced with subtle hints of blue and black, complemented by a rich oil finish. The precision and intricacy of our maps are achieved through the use of world-class fiber lasers renowned for their superior quality.


We've partnered with UPS Capital (insured shipping), a leading shipping company, to ensure your product reaches you in pristine condition, no matter where you are in the world. Each of our MapaWall maps is meticulously hand-packed within special MapaWall casings to ensure their safety during transit. Your shipment is of utmost importance to us, and we go the extra mile by providing comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind.


For the installation of your MapaWall world map, we supply a user-friendly seven-step magnetic installation kit. This comprehensive kit encompasses a template with pre-punched holes and clear instructions on how to seamlessly position your MapaWall. Notably, it also simplifies the process of disassembly and reinstallation if the need arises. For instance, in case you need to repaint the wall.

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