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This is our pin-magnet in white. These pin magnets come in a pack of 24 and are made from a strong neodymium magnet. Neodymium is known for its strength and has a secure hold to any magnetic surface that it is placed on. This durable pin magnet works perfectly on our MapaWall Steel, as well as our wooden MapaWall products (magnetic models).

This pin magnet is a neutral white colour and therefore compliments any of our MapaWall products. The simplistic nature of this pin allows it to be used in almost all interiors. You can pair our white pin magnet with our lighter, untreated wooden maps such as the MapaWall Oak or our MapaWall Steel for a subtle effect. Alternatively, for a contrasting appearance, these can be used on our darker, treated maps, such as our MapaWall Rosewood.

Use these strong white pin magnet to highlight all of the places you have been or have always wanted to visit. Coloured pins can also seamlessly coordinate both your interior design and MapaWall products together and you can even order more than one colour to mix and match.

Note: these colored pin-magnets are (normally) not suitable for our wooden MapaWalls, only for all metal and acrylic maps.
Lead time: 2 weeks



0.47'' x 0.79''
12 mm x 20 mm
Weights approx. 88 gram (0.19 lbs)

Materials & Characteristics

Grade: N45


Matte Plasticised


24 pieces


2 working days

The use

Presenting our white pin-magnet, available in packs of 24 and expertly crafted from a robust neodymium magnet known for its strength. Neodymium ensures a secure hold on any magnetic surface, making these pin magnets suitable for both our MapaWall Steel and wooden MapaWall products.

With its white color, this pin magnet stands out effectively on both solid and patterned surfaces. Its size allows for easy visibility from a distance without being obtrusive. The gentle white hue complements various environments, particularly those with earthy tones. This white pin magnet pairs well with our simpler designs like MapaWall Steel and can also be placed on darker surfaces like our treated MapaWall Walnut.

These white magnets serve as markers for places you've been or would like to visit. Additionally, colored pins provide an excellent way to harmonize your interior design with MapaWall products. Explore creative possibilities by ordering multiple colors to mix and match, enhancing the visual appeal of your space


We use UPS Capital, a reputable courier to get your MapaWall out to you quickly and in the best condition. We ensure our product is hand-packaged carefully to minimise any risk of damage when it is on its way to you.

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