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World Map Zebrano

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Introducing our magnetic MapaWall Zebrano with a matte finish and exquisite country borders. This sophisticated world map is the perfect embellishment for your space, elevating its visual appeal. The MapaWall Zebrano boasts a dominant wide, dark, and straight grain that catches the eye from both close-up and afar. Its stunning tone is sure to infuse charm into your environment.

Notably, this MapaWall world map features meticulously engraved country borders, adding a captivating dimension to the map. The delicate lines of these borders beautifully contrast with the broader, darker grain, a testament to expert craftsmanship that imparts a luxurious feel to the map. This map is ideally suited for rooms with a modern interior, warmer color palette, and a variety of textures.

As showcased here, the matte varnish enhances the deeper hues and shades of the wood. Treating Zebrano wood deepens the browns, beiges, and even cream colors, resulting in a richer, more vibrant finish compared to leaving it untreated. The varnish finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also serves as a protective shield, safeguarding the wood against stains.


  • 7'0.25'' x 3'10'' x 0,39''
  • 214 cm x 117 cm x 10 mm
  • Weights approx. 24 pounds (11 kg)
Materials & Characteristics
  • Topped with A-Class Zebrano wood (PEFC certified) Mix-matched & Rift Cut
  • Base material (MDF) is FSC certified
  • Back of the map is covered with black veneer to prevent bending
  • Equipped with transparent glass magnetic spacers
  • Cut with CO2 laser
  • Country borders engraved with CO2 laser
  • Stains from combustion are sanded

  • Matte varnised
  • Equipped with an invisible magnetic surface for pinpointing
  • Stands 0,39 inch (10 mm) from the wall to create a 3D effect
  • Fitted with a magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands
  • Sold with a set of 30 nickel plated pin-magnets
  • All materials for an easy installation
Lead time
  • 2 working days


By employing top-notch, world-class laser technology, we ensure that every MapaWall in our collection attains this remarkable finish. Moreover, we offer your MapaWall with varnish treatment. This treatment not only deepens the wood's color, creating a richer, darker hue but also functions as a protective shield for the wood itself.


We rely on the trusted shipping service, UPS Capital, to guarantee the speedy and safe delivery of your MapaWall, arriving at your door without delay. As part of our dedication to safeguarding your product, we exercise scrupulous attention in hand-packing each item, significantly reducing the potential for damage during transportation.


We've created a guided installation kit that's tailored for easy MapaWall assembly within your home or office. This comprehensive kit provides step-by-step guidance and a convenient template, ensuring that the assembly process is remarkably uncomplicated and free from hassle.

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All MapaWalls are shipped insured around the world with UPS Capital 
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