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World Map American Walnut (S)

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Introducing our latest addition, the MapaWall Mini Walnut, launched in '22 in response to numerous requests for a compact world map. This masterpiece boasts exquisite detailing of contours and country borders.

The MapaWall Mini Walnut with its distinct country borders features a graceful design and a unique color palette. Crafted with precision and a commitment to quality, this wooden map exemplifies true artistry. Its intricate beauty can add a touch of grandeur to any space.

Varnished in a matte finish, the American Walnut used in this map showcases a chocolate-brown hue with horizontal grain, creating the illusion of added space in your interior. This specially treated walnut wood imparts a darker and more vivid finish, radiating a deep grey-brown color. It harmonizes beautifully in well-lit, open environments, complementing warm and light decor elements.

The MapaWall Mini Walnut is highly adaptable, effortlessly complementing contemporary or classic settings due to the American Walnut wood's neutral color. Engraved country borders enhance its visual appeal, making it an excellent choice for adding intricate detail to a plain wall or surface in your home.

Notably, this map is magnetic and can serve as a dynamic display of the countries you've visited, sparking engaging conversations with your visitors. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a chic wood with warm tones to seamlessly integrate into their interior decor.


  • 4'11'' x 2'8'' x 0,39''
  • 150 cm x 82 cm x 10 mm
  • Weights approx. 12 pounds (5,5 kg)
Materials & Characteristics
  • Topped with A-Class American Walnut wood (PEFC certified) Mix-matched & Crown Cut
  • Base material (MDF) is FSC certified
  • Back of the map is covered with black veneer to prevent bending
  • Equipped with transparent glass magnetic spacers
  • Cut with CO2 laser
  • Country borders engraved with CO2 laser
  • Stains from combustion are sanded

  • Matte varnised
  • Equipped with an invisible magnetic surface for pinpointing
  • Stands 0,4 inch (10 mm) from the wall to create a 3D effect
  • Fitted with a magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands
  • Sold with a set of 30 nickel plated pin-magnets
  • All materials for an easy installation
Lead time
  • 2 working days


By incorporating glass spacers positioned behind each island and a robust metal frame behind the wood, we guarantee strong support for our maps. Our cutting and engraving process employs the finest CO2 lasers and advanced techniques, all meticulously executed by skilled professionals to craft each MapaWall with precision and care.


UPS Capital is committed to the swift and secure delivery of your MapaWall, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition. We offer worldwide shipping to safeguard your package through insurance. Furthermore, each MapaWall Mini is meticulously hand-packed with our specialized protective casing, minimizing the risk of damage during transit.


Our product range is designed for effortless installation, facilitated by our user-friendly magnetic installation kit. This kit includes straightforward instructions and a convenient template, making it a breeze to assemble your map. And when the need arises, should you wish to temporarily remove your MapaWall, perhaps for decorating or changing paint colors, disassembly is equally straightforward.

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