MapaWall Zebrano Seal Beach, USA

Here is a picture of our MapaWall Zebrano from a client based in Seal Beach, USA. This is an example of one of our custom designed wooden world maps. The client requested to include the islands of Hawaï to this design. The islands would have been extremely small if cut to the same scale as our world map. In order to solve this problem, we decided to upscale the size of these islands to make them three times bigger. This ensured that we were able to utilize our separators and install these Hawaiian Islands to this client’s wall and make sure that they were clearly visible.

A Unique Wood

Zebrano has a unique striped grain that has the ability to stand out in any room. It has a bold look and feel and is most suited to a room with character, such as this stylish space. This client has used plain wall to contrast with the eye-catching wooden floors. The flooring and our MapaWall Zebrano are similar in that they both have a prominent pattern and grain. Furthermore, this map has been given an oil finish. This creates a dark and rich finish which has helped to match the deep colored flooring. By giving this map an oil finish, the client has brought color to a plain wall and brought together the colors of the room.

Asian Inspired Interior Design

The client has opted for an Asian inspired interior design. They have used a neutral color palette to extend this theme of nature and serenity. The client has used statement ornaments such as a large Buddha, ethnic plant pots and decorative pieces. These have served to tie together this theme as well as provide a calm and earthy feel to this space. The client has also carefully chosen a heavy wooden flooring which has a distinctive Asian look and feel. Our MapaWall Zebrano fits perfectly into this space by adding its own unique and earthy feel.