MapaWall Rosewood Alblasserdam, The Netherlands

Here is our captivating MapaWall Rosewood map in an attractive room in Alblasserdam, The Netherlands. The customer has stunningly displayed our wooden map in an enchanting space. They have selected a vast, light colored wall to display our MapaWall Rosewood. In addition, it has been presented as the focal point of the room in a grandiose fashion. With the room arranged in this way, the customer has ensured that the surrounding furniture, colors and textures enhance this focal point of the room. Moreover, the customer has utilized the indentation of the wall to create more breadth and depth to this space.

The dark tones of the Rosewood wooden map

Rosewood is a dense, deep wood with an intense, full-toned color. This type of wood is extremely fitting for this tempered yet vivid room theme. Rosewood wood is typically made up of a reddish brown hue, accompanied with darker contrasting streaks. These darker streaks can be known to form an intricate grain pattern. This mixture of convoluted and straight grains on our MapaWall Rosewood bring character to the light colored wall, as well as working in accord with the red tones of the room.

contemporary and chic interior design

The customer has selected a neutral color palette with an addition of a vibrant scarlet red and teal. These help to merge the neutral grey, stone and bright colors of the space together in an orchestrated way. The scarlet red statement recliner and cushions really draw out the red hues of our MapaWall Rosewood. The customer has carefully selected a contemporary and chic interior design with our statement wooden map in mind. This is also evident with the customer’s use of a deep, rich central coffee table and dark flooring. This has all been finished off with elegantly placed spot lights for the final touch in this deep and modern room.