MapaWall Oak Oldenzaal, The Netherlands

Here is an exquisite picture of our MapaWall Oak wooden world map with country borders from a happy customer in Oldenzaal. This is an example of our popular Oak world map with an oil treatment finish. This finish produces a darker and richer tone to the wood as you can clearly see illustrated in this image. Applying oil to oak is beneficial in two distinct ways. It can significantly help to maintain the durability and beauty of the wood. In addition, an oil finish has the ability to create an elegant, glossy and premium feel. This is emphasized perfectly in this image, where you can see our oil finished Oak world map complementing the relaxed but high-quality interior.


Characteristics of Oak wood

Oakwood has a unique quality in that it has a prominent grain. This can serve to be a feature in itself and is beautifully demonstrated here in room with a subtle, simple and light interior. As you can see, this Oak map has successfully amalgamated the light color palette of the room and in turn created a harmonizing effect.


Back to basic

This customer has opted for a simple and understated interior design, without the need for heavy ornamentation. They have delightfully incorporated oak wood as part of their concurrent interior design theme of the room. With the use of wooden tables that also appear to be oak, they have shown that our wooden world maps are capable of providing a unique addition to their chosen theme. Furthermore, what is also charming about this room, is the use of differing textures. Our Oak map has wonderfully served as an added texture to the corduroy, brick, fur and leather surroundings. A simple and elegantly executed example of how our MapaWall Oak with country borders can add character, style and a uniqueness to a light and modern space.