MapaWall Oak Grez Doiceau, Belgium

Here is our MapaWall Oak in a simple and spacious seating area in Grez Doiceau, Belgium. Our sophisticated, modern oak map has been placed on a fresh white wall in an understated, ultra-modern corner of this space. This room has low ceilings and large, long floorboards that give this area a comfortable and cosy look and feel. By placing our wooden map in this space, the client has added a touch of design to this area without being too overbearing.

Our Lightest Wood

Our MapaWall Oak is our lightest wood option and has the ability to compliment its surroundings effortlessly. As seen here, our wooden map has taken on a slight grey tone that harmonizes perfectly with the long, wooden ceiling beams. Oak wood has a fresh and contemporary appearance due to its bright and fresh color. The client has selected the perfect wood type to work in accord with the other features in this space. Both the wooden beams and painted wooden flooring compliment each other and our MapaWall Oak adds a graceful touch.

A Modern Interior Design

The client has gone for a minimalist, modern interior design with a Nordic touch. This simple space has all the distinctive characteristics of a modern space. The client has opted for a “less is more” approach by paying more attention to textures, materials and composition as oppose to decor, color and ornamentation. The client has chosen to use a combination of natural materials such as fur, wood and metal to add detail to this area. By choosing our beautiful MapaWall Oak, they have brought together all aspects of this space wonderfully. Our wooden map can be seen here blending in with this modern interior design theme.