MapaWall Oak Gardabaer, Iceland

Here is ourPhoto Prize Winner 2016 in Gardabaer, Iceland. Here you can see our MapaWall Oak displayed remarkably in this delicately designed room. The client has chosen to place our wooden map on this fresh, large white wall. This wall has an accompanying white cabinet that blends in excellently. With this white on white combination, our MapaWall oak provides a splash of color, without over complicating the space. It can be seen here to stand out but also coincide with the surrounding decor and color palette.

Oak Wood Grain

Our MapaWall Oak has a naturally light colored wood. It is found to be a mixture of a several light tones, from light brown, to cream and cappuccino. Oak wood has a prominent grain due to this attractive light color of the wood. These unique lines can help to add a pattern to block color walls or plain surfaces. This is clearly demonstrated here in this block color room with a clean and simple decor. In addition, this straight grain can be seen synchronizing perfectly with the grain of the wooden flooring. This map has also had an oil finish. When the wood has been treated in this way, it can help to draw out the deeper tones of the wood as well give it a good finish. This room has really been brought alive with the addition of oak wood in both our MapaWall Oak and in other components of their furniture.

A Sophisticated Interior Design

The client has chosen a sophisticated pastel color palette for the interior design of this room. The have selected a combination of pastel colors; green, turquoise, pink and grey. This color selection has given the room a modern, minimal and chic feel. Even with a a large color selection, the client has incorporated this theme throughout this space with the use of specific ornaments and careful placement of the furniture. A flawless space for our MapaWall Oak, and a very worthy winner!