MapaWall Walnut Toulouse, France

Here you can see our MapaWall wooden world map Walnut displayed in a stylish home for a delighted customer in Toulouse, France. This room is demonstrative of a fresh and sleek interior design where our MapaWall Walnut blends in effortlessly. The customer has chosen a plain, uncomplicated wall for this piece devoid of any clutter or wall art. Displaying the map in this way assists in drawing attention to the intricate beauty of our wooden map. Although it is not the focal point of this room, it has been placed in an area where it helps to bring out the other components of this space.

The attributes of Walnut

Walnut is a diverse wood that has the ability to adapt depending on its surroundings. Walnut has an array of tones that are individually brought out by any strong overbearing colors in the same space. As this room has a crisp, light grey theme, subsequently the grey tones of our MapaWall Walnut are more prominent. Typically, it is common for Walnut wood to have a straight grain, but it is also possible to find occasional figured grain patterns. The charming attributes of this wood attractively adds texture and pattern to this simple and refined space.

Personalize your MapaWall with Magnetic pins

The customer has selected a crisp, light color palette for this room to keep it bright and airy. They have carefully utilized furniture that coordinates well with one another as well as the with the wider space. The customer has also used sharp, straight edges and square decor to amplify this feeling of a crisp and neat space. Our MapaWall Walnut works perfectly with this interior design due to its defined edges and clear cut pattern. This is also an example of our magnetic MapaWall Walnut, and the customer has intelligently used our silver metal pins to correlate superbly with the rest of this space.