MapaWall Walnut Maarssen, The Netherlands

Here is our beautiful MapaWall Walnut in a simple room in Maarssen, The Netherlands. The client has chosen a great spot for our stunning wooden world map, high up with full visibility in their living room area. This map is lovely and high to ensure complete visibility. The Wall is a wide, plain, off-white color that looks gorgeous behind our MapaWall Walnut. All of our wooden maps are raised a few centimeters from the surface of the wall to give a striking 3D effect. A plain wall, such as the one seen here, works perfectly to exaggerate this effect as it creates a definitive shadow.

A Unique Wood

Walnut is a uniquely colorful wood and is widely recognized for its grey hues and creamy tones. It is possible to clearly see tones of cream, grey, dark and light brown on our MapaWall Walnut in this image. Walnut also has a pronounced straight contrasting grain that is both light and dark. It is also possible for our MapaWall range to be magnetic. This is an example of one of our magnetic maps and this client this chosen to use metallic pins to highlight specific countries. This wood map has had an oil finish which gives our MapaWall Walnut a deeper and richer finish.

A Modern Interior Design

This client has chosen an understated, simple and modern interior design. They have selected a light color palette with hints of vibrant colors. By selecting cream, off-white walls and grey furniture, the client has merged together the tones of this living area with that of our MapaWall Walnut. Furthermore, they have extended this theme with the use of light ornamentation and an off-white cupboard. The client has chosen a one of our multi-hued wooden maps to accompany this space.