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Our MapaWall Oak Plain is the perfect example of when less can be more. This MapaWall has the ability to bring any wall or surrounding to life in a simple and effortless way. The subtle elegance of this piece can be seen in the highly detailed outline of the continents and islands.

European Oak is a strong, sturdy wood with a light, neutral colour. This map has been untreated, allowing it to be both rustic in its texture but also delicate in its appearance. Oak has an attractive beige and brown grain that can add an understated but sophisticated detail to your setting. As you can see, the grain is also long and horizontal adding length to any space.

This fresh, neutral MapaWall Oak Plain works well in a bright, contemporary space. Coupled with a lot of natural light and open spaces, this piece can add a charming touch of detail to its surroundings. If you are looking for a high-quality, signature piece to add subtle character to your home, then the MapaWall Oak Plain will do this with ease.

The MapaWall Oak Plain is available in both a magnetic and non-magnetic versions and can be very easily installed.

Lead time: 2 working days

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 126 × 72 × 5 cm

Landgrenzen, Magnetisch

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European Oak

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This is our (with oil) treated MapaWall Oak Country Borders. It has a sophisticated feel with a soft, elegant grain. This striking oak map is the perfect addition to liven up any space. Our oiled MapaWall Oak has a light tan colour that has the ability to add warmth and charisma to wherever it placed.

This piece would fit nicely in a cosy environment, accompanied by different textures and materials. Similarly, this remarkable wooden map can also be placed in a more minimal interior to add a little extra detail to the space. Our MapaWall Oak with country borders has been designed to be magnetic. It is therefore possible to pinpoint your favourite places in the world. We offer a range of different pins that can be used with our magnetic MapaWall products, from different colours to nickel-plated options.

Our country borders are professionally engraved onto the surface of this MapaWall, using some of the best techniques and high-quality equipment. These borders can further enhance the impressive look and feel of this piece as well as working as a beautiful contrast with the lighter grain. This MapaWall is treated with oil to give a darker hue to the oak wood.

Lead time: 2 working days

Examples from clients


84 inch
(214 cm)
46 inch
(117 cm)
0,4 inch
( 1 cm)
Topped with A-class European oak rift wood
Weighs approx. 24 pounds (11 kg)
Treated with transparent oil for a darker colour
Stands 0,4 inch (10 mm) from the wall to create a 3D effect
Cut and engraved with industries latest laser technology
Equipped with transparent glass magnetic spacers
Equipped with a metal back frame
Fitted with a magnetic installation kit for both continents and islands
All materials for an easy installation
Equipped with an invisible magnetic surface for pinpointing
Sold with a set of 30 nickel plated pin-magnets
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The high-quality finish of these maps is attained by the use of high quality lasers. Oil is used to treat our MapaWall products which can serve to create a richer colour and tone, as well as a better protection for the wood against stains. European oak is a solid wood, and our metal framework ensures that the weight of these maps are fully supported.

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We work with well-known couriers, UPS Capital to ship our products worldwide, they also offer insured shipping. We aim to get your product to you quickly, safely and efficiently, we use very secure packaging methods to ensure your product reaches you in excellent condition.

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We provide you with a very simple magnetic installation kit with easy to follow instructions. This kit comes with a template to make the whole process easier for you. All of our MapaWall products are fixed 0,4 inch (10 mm) from the wall with a strong supportive metal backing frame that prevents the wood from bending.

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