MapaWall Rosewood Rimini, Italy

Here is our MapaWall Rosewood in a bright, chic room in Rimini, Italy. Our exquisite wooden map is positioned on a plain, white surface in a bright, open plan living space. The client has chosen to place our map on a plain wall which helps draw attention to it, even when positioned on a side wall. In this image, our wooden map can be seen at an elevated height so it can be admired from all angles of this vast space. This room has wooden flooring that spans the entire length of it and with the addition of our MapaWall Rosewood, the client has managed to successfully incorporate wood into their room design.

A Vibrant Wood

Rosewood is a bright, colorful wood, with an array of attractive tones. This is an example of our MapaWall Rosewood with an oil finish. When oil is applied to Rosewood, it produces a richer, darker and more vibrant color as seen in this image. The oil also helps to bring out the strong linear grain of this wood. Even from a distance, the darker tones of this grain are very prominent and assist in adding color and design to this client’s white wall.

A Clean, Linear Interior Design

The client has gone for a clean interior design which has a minimalistic, linear style with uncluttered lines and textures. They have chosen a monochrome color scheme, with the use of brilliant white furnishings. This is illustrated in this image with the use of a white, angular sofa, white television table, a large white rug and a contrasting black piano and black ornamentation. The client has added to this clean design with the use of a light, strong-grained wooden floor. Our MapaWall Rosewood brings a touch of flair and color to this space, as well as adhering to the visible linear design theme.