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Custom projects

At MapaWall, we frequently receive requests for custom builds that go beyond our standard offerings. From larger world maps to unique projections, maps crafted from special materials to personalized designs with custom pins, these projects represent just a glimpse of what we've accomplished over the past decade.

Explore this page for a curated selection of examples showcasing the diverse range of custom maps we've brought to life. Should you have any inquiries or specific requests regarding custom world maps, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to turn your unique visions into stunning, personalized cartographic creations.

Black magnetic world map with custom pins

For a valued client in The Netherlands, we embarked on a unique project, crafting a colossal wooden world map. Distinguishing this creation from our standard veneer applications, we opted for a sleek black veneer—typically reserved for the back of our maps to prevent bending. Innovatively, we introduced an imperceptible iron layer between the black top veneer and the wooden base, allowing the entire surface of the map to function as a canvas for pin-magnets.

This groundbreaking design not only ensures a visually striking display but also offers unparalleled versatility, enabling the placement of pin-magnets across the entirety of the map. Taking personalization to the next level, we fashioned custom epoxy pins in both the shape and color of the company's distinctive logo. Two variants were meticulously crafted—one showcasing the logo and the other featuring both the logo and the company's name. The result is a truly beautiful and dynamic representation of the company's identity, seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetic excellence.

Custom pins XYZtec on a black magnetic world map

Rosewood world map table

We had the pleasure of crafting a unique world map tabletop from exquisite Rosewood Santos for one of our esteemed clients in the northern region of The Netherlands. This bespoke creation serves as the centerpiece for their chef's table in the restaurant. The world map underwent meticulous adjustments, scaling down and refining its contours to seamlessly fit the dimensions of the table.

To enhance its visual appeal with a captivating 3-dimensional effect, the map itself was delicately elevated a few millimeters. Adding a personalized touch, we intricately engraved the company's name and logo into the Rosewood surface. To ensure longevity and safeguard against stains, the entire masterpiece was meticulously coated with epoxy.

The result is not just a functional piece but a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and design, bringing a touch of sophistication to the dining experience at our client's restaurant.

Close-up Mr. Mofongo's chef's world map table

Europe cut from stainless steel

We were honored to collaborate with interior designers from Spain on a special project for a CEO's office in Barcelona. The map's projection was meticulously tailored to adorn the office wall. Notably, this masterpiece is unparalleled in detail, measuring approximately 4.9 feet (150 cm) in width—making it the most intricate stainless steel map of Europe we've crafted so far.

Beyond its precise contours, this custom map of Europe boasts exceptionally detailed engraved country borders. What sets it apart is the innovative feature that illuminates these borders when viewed from different angles, creating a captivating visual experience. It's more than a map; it's a true work of art that adds a distinctive touch to this CEO's office abroad. 

Close-up of the MapaWall Stainless Steel Europe.

United Sates & Canada in Rosewood

Utilizing our advanced CO2 lasers designed for cutting and engraving large wooden plates, we have the capability to create substantial pieces from a single material. Take, for instance, this custom map of the United States and Canada. Scaled to an impressive nearly 6.6 feet (2 meters), it was precisely crafted to fit within our XL casing.

After meticulously cutting and engraving the map from luxurious Rosewood, we treated it with a protective oil, allowing it to rest before securing it back into its original wooden plate. Recognizing the value of such intricate maps, like this one featuring the USA and Canada, we take every precaution to prevent breakage. The map is securely encased within a wooden shield and wrapped in our protective carton casing, ensuring its safe delivery. Next to that, we ship all our maps with UPS Capital (insured shipping).

As depicted in the photo, the Rosewood takes on a rich, dark, deep brown/reddish hue once treated—a testament to the quality of the craftsmanship. To enhance functionality, this map has also been equipped with magnetic properties, allowing it to be elegantly adorned with our special neodymium pin-magnets.

Close-up United States map Rosewood Santos with state borders

MapaWall XL world map with custom pins

We had the privilege of crafting a MapaWall European Oak XL world map for MEG, a distinguished medical company, complemented by a sign designed to match the color palette of their logo. Elevating the functionality of the map, we not only ensured the back was magnetic, courtesy of our magnetic installation kit, but also incorporated an invisible iron layer just beneath the surface of the Oak. This innovation allows the entire map's surface to accommodate magnetic pins, providing a versatile and interactive element.

In the culmination of this project, we went a step further by creating small, custom epoxy pins in the company's signature pink. These magnetic pins can be placed anywhere on the map, offering a personalized touch to their display. It's yet another custom project that fills us with pride for the seamless fusion of design and functionality.

Custom made epoxy pins on the MapaWall Oak XL world map
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