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May 3, 2024
Personalise your map

Our world maps are famous for their magnetic properties. Nearly all MapaWall models are compatible with our special pin-magnets, with the exception of the Stone and StoneCut varieties. The remaining maps can be adorned with small nickel-plated magnets, and some can even accommodate larger fridge magnets. But what if you could personalise them even further? Well, as you may have seen in the featured photo, we've discovered a fantastic way to commemorate your travels with the help of our world maps.

Introducing Polaroid travel pinning

If you follow us on Instagram, you've likely seen a variety of our world maps in different sizes and materials, adorned by previous clients with our small pin-magnets. Some have used colourful pins, while others, including businesses, have opted for customised epoxy pins featuring their logos. For many, this is the perfect way to mark their journeys or showcase their business in a physical and enjoyable manner.

At MapaWall, we've uncovered an exciting new method for displaying and immortalising your favourite trips on our magnetic world maps. Whether you have a steel, acrylic, or wooden map, all are suitable for this fun Polaroid tagging technique. All you need is a colour printer, glossy photo paper, and one of our magnetic world maps.

When using regular or smaller Polaroid photos from a Polaroid camera, you may find that the images are too large for the scale of your world map, especially if you're using a standard-sized map with a width of approximately 2 meters (7ft.). To achieve the perfect format, simply import your favourite photos into editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Word. Then, crop the images and arrange them in a way that leaves some extra whitespace at the bottom of each picture. This space not only creates that iconic Polaroid layout but also provides room for you to add a small caption below each photo. Perhaps the name of a memorable city or the date the picture was taken. In our example, we chose to list the city names from a trip through South America.

Small DIY Polaroid pictures for magnetic world map
Mini DIY Polaroid photos

As depicted, we used the magnetic Stainless Steel world map with colourful pin-magnets at the top. However, we also tested the Polaroids on our magnetic wooden world maps. Despite the lesser magnetic force of the wooden maps, these smaller DIY Polaroids can still be attached. In a future post, we'll showcase a wooden map completely adorned with these smaller DIY Polaroids—so stay tuned!

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