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The MapaWall Steel world map is a strong and stunning map. A perfect design piece for modern interiors. With its industrial look this map will stand out in any room. The map is made from 1/16th inch (2 mm) thick stainless ceramic blasted steel and cut with a high powered industry fiber laser. Before arriving at your doorstep, your steel map will be inspected 3 times by hand. Ensuring that you receive only the best product we can produce. The MapaWall Steel world map is an eye catcher, certain to draw attention in any space.  

  • Ask for a free sample of our ceramic blasted stainless steel.

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Product details

  • made from high quality magnetic ceramic blasted stainless steel
  • cut with industries latest fiber laser technology
  • engraved with fiber laser precision country borders
  • fitted with a magnetic installation kit for easy positioning
  • is 84 wide & 46 inch high (214 by 117 cm)
  • weights approx. 38 pounds (17 kg)
  • stands 0,4 inch (12 mm) from the wall
  • sold with a set of 30 magnetic pins
  • includes magnetic glass spacers for the installation of the islands

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