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Spotlight Cap & LED (grey)

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The Spotlight Cap & LED elevates world maps to a whole new level. Spotlight Caps are small magnetic caps designed to concentrate LED lights on specific areas of your Stainless Steel world map. Being magnetic, these caps can be easily adjusted to disperse, concentrate, or turn the beam of light as desired. Attach your Polaroid pictures to the world map using our pin-magnets and direct the Spotlight Cap towards the Polaroid for a spotlight focus. With these caps, your favourite memories will shine brightly, even in the darkness of night.

Please note: The Spotlight Cap & LED is exclusively sold with the Spotlight world maps, as the LEDs are custom-installed.


  • 0.47'' x 0.35'' x 0.2''
  • 12 mm x 9 mm x 5 mm
  • LED: Ø 0.12'' (3 mm)
Materials & Characteristics
  • PVC
  • Magnetic
  • Grey/metallic air-brushed
  • Inside silver
  • The magnetic Spotlight Cap comes with a Ø 0.12'' (3 mm) warm white LED
Lead time


Our Spotlight Caps are crafted by hand and designed to complement our Spotlight MapaWall world maps. Each cap undergoes airbrushing in a subtle grey tone, ensuring seamless integration with the Stainless Steel map's colour. Additionally, we've equipped the caps with magnets, allowing for easy attachment to the map's surface.


We offer insured worldwide shipping to all our valued clients. Through our partnership with UPS Capital, we guarantee prompt and secure delivery of your MapaWall Stainless Steel and Spotlight Caps & LEDs. As the Spotlight Caps & LEDs are exclusively sold with the MapaWall Spotlight, these items are carefully packaged within the special MapaWall carton casing to ensure their safe arrival.


We provide a user-friendly, customised magnetic installation kit that comes with clear, step-by-step instructions for effortless setup of your MapaWall Spotlight. This kit ensures that you can easily assemble or disassemble your MapaWall Spotlight whenever necessary. The magnetic capabilities of the Spotlight Caps allow them to be easily attached to the map surface. Furthermore, all LEDs are pre-installed in our workshop.

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