MapaWall Oak Stellendam, The Netherlands

Here you will find our MapaWall Oak boldly displayed in an office setting in Stellendam, The Netherlands. Our wooden maps are incredibly versatile in that can be used in any environment. Our wooden map can be seen here on an extensive dark wall in an expansive office space. The customer has positioned this map where it can be appreciated by the individuals working here. With the use of a black wall, every single detail of this MapaWall Oak has been highlighted and the outline is distinctly visible from all angles. This is an exemplary way of showcasing the delicacy of this wooden map in a vast space.

3D look and feel

Our MapaWall Oak is the lightest wood color. This type of wood is an exceptional choice when considering its placement on a dark surface. However, as all of our maps are raised 1cm from any wall surface, this produces a deep and defining shadow, giving our maps a striking 3D look and feel. You can still see this shadow presented in this image, even on a black surface. This MapaWall Oak does not have an oil finish. The wood still maintains a rustic, matte texture which integrates well with the back matte wall and adjacent matte white walls.

MapaWall in an office space

The customer has selected a monochrome interior design theme for this office space. The flooring of this building has been flushed through with an impressive and elegant wooden flooring with square detailing. The flooring has understated hints of light brown and cream tones. This attractively unifies the light brown oak wood with that of the black and white color palette. The customer has used large glass panels, tall plants, and large open spaces to eliminate the sensation of being enclosed. The use of white is also in keeping with creating this feeling of an open-plan, spacious environment. Our MapaWall Oak can serve as a motivation to the individuals here, that they can conquer the world!