Personalise your map

Our world maps are famous for their magnetic properties. Nearly all MapaWall models are compatible with our special pin-magnets, with the exception of the Stone and StoneCut varieties. The remaining maps can be adorned with small nickel-plated magnets, and some can even accommodate larger fridge magnets. But what if you could personalise them even further? Well, as you may have seen in the featured photo, we've discovered a fantastic way to commemorate your travels with the help of our world maps.

Introducing Polaroid travel pinning

If you follow us on Instagram, you've likely seen a variety of our world maps in different sizes and materials, adorned by previous clients with our small pin-magnets. Some have used colourful pins, while others, including businesses, have opted for customised epoxy pins featuring their logos. For many, this is the perfect way to mark their journeys or showcase their business in a physical and enjoyable manner.

At MapaWall, we've uncovered an exciting new method for displaying and immortalising your favourite trips on our magnetic world maps. Whether you have a steel, acrylic, or wooden map, all are suitable for this fun Polaroid tagging technique. All you need is a colour printer, glossy photo paper, and one of our magnetic world maps.

When using regular or smaller Polaroid photos from a Polaroid camera, you may find that the images are too large for the scale of your world map, especially if you're using a standard-sized map with a width of approximately 2 meters (7ft.). To achieve the perfect format, simply import your favourite photos into editing software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Word. Then, crop the images and arrange them in a way that leaves some extra whitespace at the bottom of each picture. This space not only creates that iconic Polaroid layout but also provides room for you to add a small caption below each photo. Perhaps the name of a memorable city or the date the picture was taken. In our example, we chose to list the city names from a trip through South America.

Small DIY Polaroid pictures for magnetic world map
Mini DIY Polaroid photos

As depicted, we used the magnetic Stainless Steel world map with colourful pin-magnets at the top. However, we also tested the Polaroids on our magnetic wooden world maps. Despite the lesser magnetic force of the wooden maps, these smaller DIY Polaroids can still be attached. In a future post, we'll showcase a wooden map completely adorned with these smaller DIY Polaroids—so stay tuned!

European Oak on concrete

Previously mentioned, the background against which a map is installed plays a crucial role. Harmonising the colours of the map with those of the wall enhances the overall aesthetic and ambiance. Additionally, the choice of materials for both the wall and the object, such as the MapaWall world map, is crucial. In this instance, we'll examine a wooden world map installed by one of our clients from Norway.

Combining materials

One of the early adopters who installed our magnetic MapaWall Oak world map on concrete has beautifully crafted a modern Scandinavian-style interior. By blending industrial materials like the concrete wall featured in the photo with natural elements, they've created a space that feels both contemporary and inviting. The installation in the kitchen, where the world map resides, sets the tone for the entire villa. In another photo, you can see how the warm Oak tones have been carried throughout the house.

MapaWall Oak installed on concrete
Oak wooden world map mounted on concrete | source: Instagram @tinewitnes

We admire the balance achieved between the clean, industrial aesthetics of the concrete walls and ceilings and the warmth introduced by the Oak wood. Despite the industrial elements, the space maintains a cozy atmosphere. While the specific map installed on the concrete wall features an invisible magnetic surface, it's not evident from the photos whether the client opted to use the small nickel-plated pin-magnets. These magnets, being small, may not be visible from a distance. We now offer colored pin-magnets as well, which we will soon showcase in an upcoming blog post. In the meantime, feel free to request photos via our WhatsApp number or by email to get a better idea of their appearance. And if ordering, please ask for a specific colour in the comment field.

Oak wood combined with concrete
Oak wood and concrete combined | source: Instagram @tinewitnes

Magnetic Rosewood as wall decoration

Since 2015, we've dedicated ourselves to crafting an array of world maps, each and every map designed and produced in The Netherlands. Our journey began with the pioneering concept of wooden world maps as wall decorations, making us the first in the industry. Today, we proudly remain the sole creators of magnetic wooden world maps. These unique maps allow you to adorn them with special pin-magnets, creating a dynamic and interactive display. From travellers and interior enthusiasts to businesses seeking to visualise their global presence. Our maps have found a special place on walls worldwide. Join us this week as we will have a brief look at the install of one of our earliest Rosewood maps, installed in Belgium.

The world on black

One of our earlier magnetic Rosewood maps was elegantly installed against a black backdrop, as showcased in the featured photos of this post. The setting exudes a modern Asian flair, complementing the dark hues of the Rosewood Santos with its intricate patterns in its grain. The almost flame-like black stripes of the Rosewood seamlessly merge with the black wall, creating a striking visual harmony.

Our earlier world maps were accompanied by installation kits designed to let the the map stand slightly from the wall, casting a nice dark drop shadow. Even against a black backdrop, this effect remains prominent, lending the wall piece a captivating 3D allure that immediately captures attention upon entering the room.

Upon closer inspection, you may notice the discreet neodymium pin-magnets mounted on the surface of the Rosewood. These exceptionally strong magnets effortlessly adhere to the thin iron layer concealed beneath the veneer and wooden plate. Invisible to the eye, this layer adds an ethereal quality to the map's aesthetic, enhancing its allure and ensuring a seamless visual appeal. When taking these off, you don't need to be afraid that you will damage the wood.

The MapaWall Rosewood Santos installed on a black wall
Rosewood Santos world map installed on black

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