Palisander (Rosewood)

The Palisander MapaWall map is the epitome of luxury. Because of export restrictions, the Palisander veneer is rare and expensive. Not coincidentally, our Palisander MapaWall map is one of our most exclusive world maps.


We source our Palisander veneer from the tropical South and Central America, South and Southeast Asia, and Madagascar. As you can see in the photos below, the Palisander tree stands out for its beautiful purple flowers.


This wood has a strong, sweet smell, leading to its common name – Rosewood. Palisander is richly colored, and is often dark brown with darker waved veining across the wood. As a strong wood with a beautiful polish, the wood is often used for musical instruments and luxury furnishings such as the MapaWall map.


MapaWall is committed to environmental sustainability for Palisander and each of the trees that we use. The company will donate to the Nature Conservancy for each map purchased, and offers you the opportunity to also contribute – with the guarantee that MapaWall will add on to any amount you give.


Ask for a free sample of our Palisander (Rosewood) veneer.

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