MapaWall Walnut Plain (magnetic)


MapaWall wooden world map Walnut plain
MapaWall world map Walnut plain not oiled
MapaWall wooden world map Walnut oiled plain

MapaWall Walnut Plain (magnetic)


The MapaWall Walnut Plain (magnetic) world map is:

  • topped with the best A-class American Walnut veneer
  • cut with industries latest laser technology
  • fitted with an easy to use magnetic installation kit
  • 84 by 46 inch in size (214 by 117 cm)
  • equipped with a metal frame to prevent bending
  • equipped with an invisible magnetic surface
  • sold with a demo set of 24 fine pin-magnets
  • available oiled or non-oiled (standard)
  • equipped with transparent spacers


Take a look at our portfolio of installed MapaWalls or ask for a free sample of our  American Walnut veneer.



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The MapaWall Walnut Plain map is a strong and stunning world map. Perfect for both classic and modern interiors, this map is produced using the highest quality Walnut wood sourced from around the world. The surface of this map is magnetic, so that you can use our MapaWall pin-magnets to mark places of interest on your map. We guarantee that only the highest quality product will make it to you; we manually check each map three time to ensure it. With its clean cut lines and impressive craftsmanship, this map is an example of excellent interior art.

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