MapaWall USA Palisander


MapaWall Palisander wooden map USA
MapaWall Rosewood wooden map USA with oil
MapaWall Rosewood wooden map USA without oil
Sample MapaWall wooden world map Palisander

MapaWall USA Palisander


The MapaWall USA  Palisander map is:

  • topped with the finest Palisander (Rosewood) veneer
  • standard not treated with oil (optional)
  • cut with the most advanced laser technology
  • fitted with a magnetic mount system for easy positioning on any wall
  • 47 by 24 inch in size (118 by 62 cm)
  • engraved with state borders by laser
  • is equipped with an invisible magnetic surface
  • sold with a set of 24 magnetic pins


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The MapaWall USA Palisander map is a stunning choice for any space. With a warm brown tone and natural variations in tint, this piece complements any interior. The engraved state borders clearly define the state outlines, giving the map context and allow you to easily mark points of interest with our pinpoint magnets. This map, like all of our maps, features a hidden magnetic layer underneath strong wooden craftsmanship and clean laser-cut lines. The MapaWall USA Palisander map serves as a beautiful piece of fine art and as a practical wall map to make your interior wall stand out.

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