MapaWall Zebrano Ubachsberg, The Netherlands

Here you can see our MapaWall Zebrano in a sleek, ultra-modern seating area. This map has been positioned on a plain white background on a large, empty wall. The client has created a minimalistic look and feel in this area, with not a lot of ornamentation or furniture. This has meant that our MapaWall Zebrano is a key element of this area, adding creativity, texture and detail. Our wooden map adds color to this white wall as well as adding a strong pattern.

A Strong Striped Grain

Zebrano wood has a distinctive striped grain that is apparent from both near and far distances. The grain on our Wooden world map Zebrano is very noticeable in this image due to the light, plain background that it’s on. Our map is a unique piece which has a multicolored look and feel. The client has selected our most vibrant map for this area as it adds character, as well as complementing the diversity of each piece of furniture. This MapaWall Zebrano has had an oil finish giving it a deep and rich color. This finish also helps to bring out the strength of this beautiful grain.

Contemporary Interior Design

The client has chosen a stunning color palette for this seating area. The combination of grey, brown and mustard is a splendid choice for this space as it gives off a bright, airy and relaxed vibe. The client has made this seating area a place of serenity and this is emphasized with the candles and overall decor that they have chosen. The plant is an impressive bright green color which, when combined with our Wooden world map Zebrano, produces the sensation of being outdoors. The client has also used a variety of textures in this space, from the stone flooring, canvas chair and wooden ornaments. Our wooden map adds another bold texture to this relaxed seating area.