MapaWall Zebrano St. Petersburg, Russia

This is our MapaWall Zebrano in a vast, open-plan living space in St. Petersburg, Russia. The client has gone for a masculine interior design, with dark and light colors. As you can see here, our MapaWall Zebrano has been positioned on a large, white wall in their living area. Even from a distance, you can see our wooden map stands out. The client has utilized an array of different spot lighting and targeted lighting to highlight all areas of this space to life.

Zebrano Wood Has a Distinctive Grain

This is an example of our Zebrano map with an oil finish. There is a prevalent use of wood throughout this expansive area. From the large floor space, tables, cabinet and even the kitchen island base. The key feature present in each of these wooded areas is the use of a distinctive straight grain. Zebrano wood too has a very distinctive straight grain. By choosing our MapaWall Zebrano for this space, the client has created a stunning harmonization with its surroundings. This is an example of our wooden map with an oil finish. This finish ensures the wood is a deeper, richer tone, which, as demonstrated in this image, matches effortlessly with the darker tones of the room.

A Masculine Interior Design

The client has chosen has chosen a strong and slightly masculine interior design. They have chosen deep greys, black, white and dark woods to decorate this vast, open plan area. The furniture and supporting decor have sleek, straight edges and geometric shapes. The client has mostly utilized round and square ornamentation as a concurrent theme in this area. This can be seen with the large spherical speaker, low-handing cylindrical lights and square tables. Our MapaWall Zebrano, with its long grain and angular features is seen working in coherence with every part of this room.