MapaWall Zebrano Santpoort, The Netherlands

This is our MapaWall Zebrano in a simplistic and understated dining area in Santpoort, The Netherlands. Here you can see our striking wooden map, on a beautiful white wall in a sophisticated dining area. The client has chosen to place our magnificent wooden map at eye level which is complementary to the low-hanging lighting. This statement lighting feature serves to illuminate our map further as well as highlighting each and every detail. By placing our MapaWall Zebrano on a plain wall, the client has also emphasized the unique 3D feature of our wooden maps by creating a powerful posterior shadow.

Zebrano Wood Has a Distinctive Grain

This is an example of our MapaWall wooden world map Zebrano map without country borders. This simplistic and modernistic version of our wooden map works flawlessly in this simple space. Zebrano wood has a deep, rich and prominent grain that adds personality to any environment. The wood itself is a deep, rich brown with a darker grain to give the appearance of stripes. These long, horizontal stripes can be seen clearly in this image which helps to give this space the feeling of elongation.

A Long and Uncluttered Interior Design

The client has continued this feeling of length and elongation with the use of a simple, uncluttered interior design and a carefully selected decor. The low-hanging light, for example, is a long, horizontal centerpiece that flows with the direction of the dining table, as well as with the grain of our MapaWall wooden world map Zebrano. The client has also chosen a large dining table with a similarly dark toned wood. As you can see, this too has a strong, horizontal grain that stunningly flows in the same direction as the corresponding pieces in the room.