MapaWall Zebrano Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

This is our MapaWall Zebrano in a large, open-plan hallway in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. Our wooden map can be seen here in a bright, minimalistic space. The client has chosen a large, white wall to display our MapaWall Zebrano. They have positioned this map centrally above a long, modern cabinet. Our map can be seen here adding a dash of flair to this simple and clean-cut space. The client has positioned our wooden map at a height and distance where it can be admired when walking around this home.

A Characteristic Wood

Zebrano wood has a distinctive pattern that has the ability to add character to a simple space. Typically, Zebrano wood has a long, dark grain that is a mixture of dark and light streaks. This unique grain is similar to that of a Zebra and therefore it can also be known as Zebrawood. This is an example of our wooden map with country borders. In this space, the country borders coupled with this strong grain brings together the darker tones of the floor with that of the light furniture and decor.

A Modern Interior Design

The client has taken a modern approach to this interior design with brightness and openness, and excellent light dispersion. This space is light and airy with a lot of natural light from large floor length windows that helps to highlight the different hues of this wood. The client has designed this space with an open feel with large decor made from natural materials. This is emphasized with the use of large, elongated furniture and ornamentation. Our MapaWall Zebrano is the perfect addition to this modern interior, with its neutral tones and striking natural grain.