MapaWall Zebrano IJsselstein, The Netherlands

Here is a lovely example of our MapaWall Zebrano with country borders from a delighted customer in IJsselstein, The Netherlands. Our Zebrano world map has an extremely unique and sublime look and feel which serves as an instant attraction for many of our customers. Zebrano wood has a striking beauty caused by the unusual nature of the wood. As you can see here, the wood is a creamy gold, straw color, with both brown and black tones.

Dining in style

This stunning dining room boasts an airy, bright and contemporary interior design. The wood grain is what makes this Zebrano wooden world map stand out the most. The linear grain works effortlessly with the angular lines and square decor. The long grain excellently accentuates the long lines of the room, making it feel more extensive. The customer has kept to a clear cubic them, with rectangular shapes in both the light feature and cabinet design. This is also represented by the sharp dining chairs, square tiles and long rectangular dining table. What’s more, the customer has chosen to cleverly match the direction of the world map grain with that of the dining table wood emphasising further this idea of an elongated feel.

Mix and match

The Zebrano wooden world map has been paired wonderfully with a teal color palette. This is elegantly executed by the use of a washed out, rustic wall color, solid smooth teal chairs, and a complimentary colored cabinet. This room is proof that different woods can be used in the same room to give a charming and modern interior design. With the use of ceremonious colored ornaments, the customer has brought together the striking beauty of our unique Zebrano wooden world map, with the contemporary beauty of their dining room.