MapaWall Zebrano Delft, The Netherlands

Our MapaWall Zebrano in an Ambient Kitchen

This is our MapaWall Zebrano in an ambient kitchen in Delft, The Netherlands. The client has chosen to place our stunning wooden world map in this contemporary space on a large, spacious white wall. As our maps are large in size, they can be appreciated best when displayed on a wide wall with a plenty of surrounding space. By placing our MapaWall Zebrano here, the map is able to provide a great talking point for guests or others who enter this space. Placing the map at a height also helps to create a sense of height and depth in this room.

A Characteristic Wood

Zebrano wood is a material full of character. It has a wonderfully distinct pattern that makes it extremely recognizable. The wood itself is a fairly dark brown color with bold streaks of black, dark brown and cream. These streaks can appear to look like stripes and can give the appearance of a Zebra. When used in interior design, the wood itself can add a worldly look and feel to any space, bringing the outdoors, indoors. As you can see our MapaWall Zebrano brings a clear earthy feel to this kitchen space.

A Contemporary Interior Design

The client has very successfully achieved a contemporary interior design theme to this room. Every detail in this space has been well thought out and merge well together. They have chosen a white, black and wooden color scheme. These colors add depth to this kitchen, making it feel open and spacious. The client has included a large wooden dining table to perfectly complement our MapaWall Zebrano. Furthermore, with the inclusion of plants, they have added a sense of nature to this contemporary space. A stunning example of a room designed to perfection.