MapaWall Zebrano Castricum, The Netherlands

Here is a picture of our MapaWall Zebrano from a customer based in Castricum, The Netherlands. Our MapaWall Zebrano blends in gorgeously in this stylish room. As you can see, this room has clean lines with a mixture of square and spherical shapes. The customer has opted for a neat and delicate interior with a touch of ornate decor to add zest to this space. Our MapaWall Zebrano has thoughtfully been placed above the quirky sofa in a significant position. Our wooden map is on a light, smooth wall which works to amplify the 3D effect with visibly prominent shadows behind.

Oil treatment

This MapaWall Zebrano has been treated with an oil finish. Oil is one of the most popular ways to finish wood. It not only assists in protecting the wood itself, but it also plays a big part in drawing out the individual character of the wood. Zebrano wood has an unusual and beautiful striped grain. The deep brown color of this grain produces a fascinating contrast, which gives the appearance of Zebra skin. It is for this reason that Zebrano is often referred to as “Zebrawood.” Our MapaWall Zebrano adds a striking pattern to the surrounding block color.

A worldly interior design

The customer has chosen a simple but bold color palette with earthy tones. They have chosen a mixture of deep and light browns, white, grey and copper. This vibrant copper color can be seen in the decorative ornamentation placed on the shelves. This brilliant copper is also present in the splendidly bright sofa cushions. These colors work superbly with our MapaWall Zebrano and collectively these tones and this decor gives a sense of a worldly interior design. The customer has stunningly incorporated our MapaWall Zebrano into a simplistic and cheerful space.