MapaWall Zebrano Beek and Donk, The Netherlands

Here you can see a stunning example of our MapaWall Zebrano without country borders from a happy customer in Beek en Donk, The Netherlands. The customer has opted for a simplistic, color block interior with a mixture of deep and light colors. This wooden world map without country borders is an excellent choice for a clean and uncomplicated design theme. The MapaWall Zebrano has bold outlines and shapes which coincides well with the chosen theme. The wooden world map is seen here splendidly illuminated with an ambient spot lighting. The lighting exaggerates the detail of the map in comparison to the minimal and classy decor.

Characteristics of the Zebrano wood type

Zebrano wood is also known as zebrawood due to its characteristic striped figure that is reminiscent of a Zebra. This distinctive wood has definitive dark lines which works harmoniously with the dark furniture and associated decor. This wood works excellently on a soft, light background, such as this, as it truly brings out the bold and unusual nature of the grain. This MapaWall Zebrano has our custom oil finish, creating a glossy look and feel. This magnificent finish helps to further highlight the unique nature of this wood in an contemporary environment.

The interior design of the room

The customer has selected a simplistic, modern interior design, with a soft and ambient feel. This room has been enhanced with the use of stylish textured cushions and an eye-catching central rug. The turquoise, white and dark color palette is seen beautifully executed in this picture. The coarse textures of the cushions and rug work well with a decorative zebrano wood. This is evidence that our MapaWall Zebrano is capable of being a dazzling addition to a simple and classy interior design.