MapaWall Zebrano Amersfoort, The Netherlands

Here is a picture of our MapaWall wooden world map Zebrano from a customer based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. Each one of our MapaWall maps are carefully, patiently and delicately designed and cut by us. The intricate details that are present on our maps involve skill and an eye for perfection. Our aim has always been to let our impeccable wooden world maps speak for themselves. You can see this demonstrated flawlessly here in this customer’s space. In a simple surrounding, this wooden world map is a bold and eye-catching addition.

Zebrano wood and its characteristics

Our MapaWall Zebrano is exhibited here in a simple and elegant manner. Zebrano wood is recognised and appreciated for its dynamic look and feel. The wood itself has an amalgamation of both darker and lighter tones giving it a rare and striking composition. The customer has chosen this stunning wood to add character and amplify the modernized appearance of this space. This distinctive look of the wood is caused by it’s remarkable straight grain. This varied grain successfully serves to combine the different tones of the room together.

Customizing your MapaWall with magnetic pins

Our MapaWall Zebrano is seen here in a modest and classy space. The customer has adopted a combination of light grey and white, with a touch of natural plants to give a rustic feel. All of our MapaWall maps can be magnetic. As seen here, metallic pins can be employed to indicate certain areas of the map. This could be areas of the world you wish to visit, areas you have already visited or even areas that your friends and family are located. This functionality presents as an excellent talking point. Furthermore, in conjunction with our MapaWall Zebrano, these pins can add that little extra charm to your space.