MapaWall Zebrano Almere, The Netherlands

Here you can see our MapaWall Zebrano in a rustic living room in Almere, The Netherlands. Our stunning Zebrano map has been displayed gorgeously above this large L-shaped sofa. The client has picked the perfect location for this wooden map as it can be seen from all corners of the room. They have centered it directly above the sofa and in line with the coffee table to create an excellent symmetry. This room is a wide, bright space, with lots of natural light. This room is filled with light colors and relaxing tones.

Zebrano Wood Without Oil

This is an example of our Zebrano map without an oil finish. If the wood has not had an oil finish, it can appear to be much lighter with a matte texture. This was definitely the desired look for our client’s wooden world map Zebrano as this rustic finish works perfectly with their bright and earthy space. Even from a distance it is clear that Zebrano wood has an unmistakably attractive straight grain. These lateral, straight stripes work well with the grain of the coffee table , as well as with the lateral patterns of the straw chest.

An Earthy Interior Design

This room is representative of a rustic and earthy interior design with a definitive color palette. They have drawn from an earth tone scheme by selecting muted and flat natural colors that emulate the tones found in soil, moss, trees and rocks. The colors chosen for this room encapsulate the feeling of being outdoors. Our wooden world map Zebrano is perfectly suited for this theme and with its prominent grain, it further adds to this earthy yet contemporary interior design. Furthermore, the client has added decor to extend this look and feel with the use of a fur rug, dark brown sofa and rough textures.