MapaWall Walnut Roermond, The Netherlands

Here you can see our MapaWall Walnut for a happy client in Roermond, The Netherlands. This wooden world map has been installed on a bright, white wall in an open plan kitchen space. Our map has been exhibited on a feature wall in between a seating area and a large extensive kitchen space. The client has brought attention to this piece by adding several spot lights above. These spot lights bring out the different shades of the map as well as add more shadow and depth. An excellent location for our MapaWall Walnut to be truly admired.

A Colorful Wood

American walnut wood is well known for having a range of different tones and hues. The wood itself can contain colors of red, brown, cream and grey. Merged together it can create a spectacular overall color that can bring character to even the simplest of spaces. Our MapaWall Walnut can be seen adding a grey brown color to this clean, white and black interior. Walnut has a subtle straight and curved grain that adds variety to a contemporary space such as this. This walnut wood also helps to merge the brown flooring with the white walls and surfaces.

A Contemporary Interior Design

This client has chosen a clean, sophisticated interior design for this open plan kitchen space. The walls have been painted a crisp white color and this has been carried out in all areas of this open space, from the kitchen and walkway to the seating area. This adds to this open plan design and gives this area a cohesive feel. The client has added to this design with the use of a black, white and chrome decor. There are long black and white paintings, chrome and black kitchen gadgets, black furniture and chrome detailing throughout. Our MapaWall wooden world map Walnut effortlessly complements these colors and in turn these colors help to emphasize the darker tones of the wood.