MapaWall Walnut Quebec, Canada

Here is our MapaWall Walnut with country borders displayed elegantly in this customer’s kitchen. As you can see, this is our gorgeous world map in an open plan setting and a thoughtfully planned out kitchen/dining space. The map has been perfectly positioned at face level so it can be admired by friends and family from a close proximity, working brilliantly as a conversation starter. Walnut wood spans the complete floor space, as well as the kitchen island surfaces and stools. This simple and consistent theme boasts sophistication and charm.

Characteristics of the Walnut wood type

This MapaWall Walnut has intentionally not been oiled or treated. This was requested in the interest of continuing this homogenous, classy look and feel. Walnut, similar to some of our other woods, has a long straight grain with several beautiful undertones ranging from browns to yellows. It serves as a striking contrast from the light walls and furniture. This wood is an impeccable choice for a space with lots of natural light. With a wood, like this, that is dense and has an array of exquisite tones, the natural light can successfully bring out the best of its qualities.

The interior design of the room

The customer has handpicked an impressive contrasting dark and light interior design with the use of light white paint and a dark Walnut wood. This theme has intelligently been represented throughout this space with the use of both light chrome and dark metal details. This choice of color palette constructs an instant feeling of simplistic luxury. This is also demonstrated by not using heavy ornamentation and by utilizing clean lines and minimal furniture. Our MapaWall Walnut is an integral part of this space and it blends absolutely with this elegantly put together interior design.