MapaWall Walnut Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Here is our magnificent MapaWall Walnut in a lovely reception/seating family area in Noordwijk, The Netherlands. Our map is seen placed high and central in this ambient and well thought out space. This area has been wonderfully designed to perfection with their family in mind. Our MapaWall Walnut is on a crisp, white wall helping to emphasize every detail of this map. It has also been placed at a good height so it can be admired from afar. They have in turn created a good distance between the map itself and the younger family members, who appear to be fascinated with this piece!

A Multi-Hued Wood

Walnut has so many unique properties that make it so beautiful to look at at. The wood is known for having several different hues and tones. As you can see here, our MapaWall Walnut is in a space with other wood types. Walnut is astoundingly capable of bringing all these different wood types together. In this image you can clearly see the darker, deeper tones of black and brown as well as underlying tones of grey and cream. This is largely due to it having an oil finish which helps to emphasize the tones of the wood. This is an example of one of our magnetic maps, and you can see, the client has used our metal pins as a decorative addition to our wooden map.

A Worldly and Ethnic Interior Design

This client has fittingly designed this space with a worldly and ethnic touch. They have incorporated some captivating pieces from other countries to add to this theme. Furthermore, the client has also chosen specific, unusual pieces, such as this statement side lamp, to add to this carefully created interior design. This space has a color palette comprising of rich, earthy tones and strong browns. Each texture and color in this space coordinates excellently with our MapaWall Walnut and every shade helps to make this stunning wooden map stand out even more.