MapaWall Walnut Hampshire, United Kingdom

Here you can see our MapaWall Walnut in a spacious open plan kitchen in Hampshire, UK. Our wooden map has been placed on a plain dividing wall in the dining section of this client’s kitchen. The map has been fixed at the top of the wall to correspond with the height of the long breakfast table. The client has chosen to place this wooden map here with the layout of their space in mind. At this height the entire map can be seen clearly and is not obstructed by the table or stools. A large wall such as this is perfect for our MapaWall Walnut.

A Straight Grain

Walnut wood can have a characteristic grain that can either be straight or convoluted. In this image you can distinctly see the long, straight grain on our wooden world map Walnut. These lines have been further emphasized by the several different tones present in this wood. Gray, dark brown and light cappuccino are just some of the colors present in this image. With such a large selection of tones in the wood, walnut is superlative in complimenting any other woods present in the same room. Furthermore, the client has matched the straight grain of this map with that of their long breakfast table. This long, horizontal grain adds to this long, elongated space.

A Neutral Interior Design

This client has chosen a natural and neutral interior design that continues throughout this open plan kitchen space. This neutral color palette helps to add space and length to this already large area. By choosing to have white walls and floors, the client has successfully created a bright and welcoming space with a laid back feel. Our MapaWall Walnut assists in adding to this design due to its contemporary design, subtle tones and long grains.