MapaWall Walnut Forest park, United States

Here is our MapaWall Walnut in a stylish living room in Forest Park, United States. Our beautiful wooden map has been placed on a large painted side wall. The space surrounding the wall has little to no ornamentation, light fixtures or furniture, so our stunning wooden map brings life to this space. The client has chosen a deep cappuccino color for their walls, which perfectly compliments the hues of our MapaWall Walnut. By fixing our map on a plain background, each individual border can be seen perfectly, even at a distance.

A Dark Oil finish

This is an example of our MapaWall Walnut with an oil finish. This finish gives this map a darker overall color that is well suited to its surrounding decor. The client has used a deep brown wood for all areas of this space, creating a relaxed and calm environment. By finishing the wood in this way, the map flawlessly matches the modern recliners, TV cabinet and shelving. The client has brilliantly coordinated all areas of this space by selecting our MapaWall Walnut for their living room.

A Scandinavian Interior Design

The client has chosen a modern Scandinavian interior design with a dark brown, black and cappuccino color palette. This theme has been wonderfully executed with the use of large, cosy fur throws and a carefully chosen decor. The reclining chairs have both angular and rounded features that give them a unique look and feel. This is perfectly aligned with the sharp and softer angles of our MapaWall Walnut. Similarly, each wooden surface in this space has a distinctive grain, with a mixture of both round and straight lines. The client has thought about each detail of this space, creating a harmonious look and feel.